Destination Italy


“Let’s face it, every bicycle rider wants to get to Italy: the land of the Giro, L’Eroica, la dolce vita. According to a poll in BICYCLING magazine a few years ago, 30% of cyclists yearned for Italy (beating out France by 3%).

I knew I had fallen in love with cycling in Italy on my first ride in Tuscany. While negotiating the narrow streets of Radda in Chianti, I overtook a grizzled gentleman on an ancient, Bianchi steel bike singing an aria while puffing on a cigarette. Me in my slick spandex and carbon bike pulled up beside him and wished him “Buongiorno” in my best Italian accent. He regarded me with a twinkling eye, removed the cigarette, then flashed me a wide semi-toothless grin and replied, “Buongiorno, bella!” (“Hello, beautiful!”).

Instantly I was smitten with the feeling that bicycling doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve been love-sick with biking in Italy ever since.“

KLB, strong rider and vintage Bianchi owner.

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