Lately, I’ve been reading quite a lot about the rolling resistance of wider tires. Many experts in this field are concluding that, contrary to our intuitive bias, wider tires are as fast or faster than skinny tires! Yes, the right 30mm tire could actually be faster than a 21mm tire! How can this be? Bicycle … continue reading

‘A velo’ in Alsace


While I’m always up for a climbing sufferfest in the Dolomites, the Sierras, Mallorca(or anywhere else that can deliver some triple-chain-worthy grades), sometimes it’s nice to switch off the slow twitch muscles. Try Alsace when your legs need a break.  ‘A velo’ you can meander narrow roads winding through stunning vineyards where the only vehicles … continue reading

Destination Italy


“Let’s face it, every bicycle rider wants to get to Italy: the land of the Giro, L’Eroica, la dolce vita. According to a poll in BICYCLING magazine a few years ago, 30% of cyclists yearned for Italy (beating out France by 3%). I knew I had fallen in love with cycling in Italy on my … continue reading

Suggested Reading: Books


If you like riding vintage steel bikes, you probably like reading about them as well. Here’s a listing of some books and magazines that record the history of their development, the key marques, as well as the events and races that championed their evolution. Below are the books with a capsule description of their content. … continue reading

Steel Bike Adventures


More Steel Bike Adventures. Fast forward to 2006. I relocated from the Midwest to the East Bay area of California. While not quite Europe and its notable respect for cyclists, N. California is a paradise for US cyclists: the consistent weather, the varied terrain, the infectious bike culture – all reinforce a compelling dictum to … continue reading